The vineyards surround the winery, which is supplied only from grapes from Finca Casalta. Grape harvested by hand, that comes quickly to the wine cellar where is carefully selected.

Rodriguez de Vera Winery has three separate rooms
Processing room

It is the place where the grapes are received and the wine is made.

The grapes arrive in small size boxes so crushes and bunches breaks are avoided. From there, a meticulous selection process under the strict supervision of our winemaker, begins.

The bunches pass through the selection table where defective clusters harvested mistakenly are discarded. This means a double grape selection, as it has previously been selected in the vineyard during the hand-harvesting, and then in the cellar.

This room is equipped with the latest technology to extract all the quality of our most precious raw material.

Our development philosophy is based on vinification according to the variety and the type of terrain, thus obtaining substantial differences depending on each single vineyard. Because of that, our fermentation tanks are small in volume (5,000 liters), stainless steel, and with temperature control.

Due to our low yields in the vineyard, we use 5,000 liters a deposit to vinificate grapes from a hectare of land. Thus, we are able to select not only by the grape variety but also by the soil type, since depending on the terrain, even in the case of the same variety, the bunches mature at different moments and we can wait for all the grapes of each plot be in optimal ripening conditions.

In the processing room, we naturally stabilize the wines to be bottled, using an automated ventilation system which introduces the cold air from outside when the temperature is wintry and low enough. Therefore it can be said that it is an ecological process, since the energy consumption is much lower, and the resulting quality is much higher than in other industrial processes where organoleptic properties from wines are removed. It is a slow process that takes place throughout the winter.

Rodriguez de Vera Winery has its own laboratory with the latest technology, which allows a greater control in every production processes and the wine conservation.

Ageing Room

Our barrels stocktaking, comprises a total of 120 oak barrels from 225 liters and 500 liters. 80% of fine-grained French oak and 20% American oak.

Every year a 25% of the barrels is renewed, so that every four years all barrels are renovated.

Here we continue the natural process of wines stabilization, and keep on controling the temperature and humidity in order to maintain the proper evolution of our wines in barrels.

Wine-Cellar Room

Once the wines are stabilized, they go to our bottling room.

Here, each bottle will rest in cages after the bottling process under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

This is a crucial process because this is where the wine is finally ended and obtains all the bouquet that brings our personality. Therefore, the wine remains in this room one year and may be more in the case of our premium wines.